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Below are some rave reviews that past clients have shared about their pet photography experience. You can also find more great reviews for Nicole Mlakar Photography on Yelp!

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It is no surprise that Nicole was voted “Best Pet Photographer” for 2009 by Austin’s Pet Directory and I’m sure she’ll sweep the ballots once again this year!  Noah and my session with Nicole was one of the most fun, sweet times that will serve as a sweet memory I have for years to come and I have amazing pictures as documentation.  After researching several pet photographers throughout the Austin area, Nicole’s portfolio was the only one I found to be fun, personal and professional.

No one else’s work compared and I wanted the best for Noah!  It is obvious that she is passionate about her work and I really admired her advocacy for animal rescue.  

In filling out the “getting to know your pet” form, Nicole genuinely wants to learn about your pet so that she can best capture their personality which I think adds so much credibility and made me more comfortable knowing that she really sought out Noah’s uniqueness.  

Another thing, she is so gracious and generous to work with.  I had some special circumstances time-wise and needed prints rather quickly.  Nicole was more than happy to oblige!  Noah loved her; he started to “work it” and really hammed it up to, I think, to impress his new friend.  She is a dream to work with and you won’t regret your choice…we are talking about the best here!


We traveled to Austin to have our 1st Family Christmas photo taken by a professional photographer, Nicole Mlakar. In my oodles of research, I discovered that there are very few photographers who specialize in pet photography.

I also found that Nicole’s pricing is also one of the most reasonable. And she edited and returned our images to us in an unheard of record time.

She’ll come to your home or to found locations in your city that make for unsuspecting belong-on-the-front cover-of-a-magazine photos.

At 1st, before meeting Nicole, I preferred an off-location shoot. Now, I totally understand and see how photographing in your home captures moving and the most meaningful images, not to mention it’s ultra convenient!


I had taken Chopper to the vet and picked up an Austin Pets Directory. The cover was super cute. A few months later I saw another magazine and had at that time started looking for a photographer for family photos. In the back of the Austin Pets Directory was a list of “pet” photographers. At the time I was torn because I really wanted Chopper in the pictures but wasn’t sure a “pet photographer” was what I was looking for. I read the cover article and saw the photo credit: Nicole Mlakar Photography, so I checked out her website. Wow, that’s what I am looking for.

I called Nicole in May and asked her some questions.  She was oh so super nice and friendly.  She wasn’t pushy, trying to get me to book a date, nothing like that.  I told her I was researching and she simply stated, if there is anything I can help you with let me know, any questions, etc.  We emailed back and forth a couple times.In July I decided that I needed to schedule the photos so I contacted her.  She was super helpful once again.  I told her that I wanted “family” photos but I wanted Chopper included.  I also explained that since it was our 10th anniversary, I wanted some of just us… then after seeing her website I decided some of just Chopper too!

Nicole sent me a questionnaire so she knew what I was expecting from her.  She and I emailed several times before the actual date.  Once she knows what you are wanting she will give you several ideas on locations, what to wear, etc.On the morning of the shoot, we met at the park.  She was absolutely fabulous!! In the beginning my husband was like greaaat pictures… but she made the shoot fun and light hearted. It was more like an everyday setting than a posed shoot. We left the park and went to our house so she could get pictures of Chopper in his natural element.

What can I say?  The pictures speak for themselves. She captured him!! All of him! She was able to get pictures of him, like we see him everyday. Don’t get me wrong I have taken thousands of pictures of him but none in the way Nicole captured him. She captured his soul!!The shoot was a great time, she spent lots of time with us and took soo many photos I was almost dreading seeing them… then she emailed me the photo album. I was ecstatic!! There weren’t so many I was overwhelmed but there were enough to make the choice hard!! I was so happy with the way they turned out… blew my expectations out of the water!! Everyone one I showed was like wow, those are good!! Even my husband was telling people that the shoot was fun and he liked it.

Here is where you might think my story ends… a month after we had the photos taken; we had to take Chopper to the vet. We were met with devastating news- he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and they gave him 6 months to live.  My pictures became PRICELESS… they were all I was going to have of him. We found that out sooner than later unfortunately. 2 months to the day after our photo shoot, Chopper left us.

I chronicled his last month through my facebook page. Nicole was so supportive of this little guy who she had only spent a few hours with. The words of encouragement meant the world to me. On his passing day, she dedicated her facebook page to him. Everything had happened so fast… literally all I have left of him are the pictures, which leads me back to Nicole and her work. She has such compassion for these animals (and people). Her talent, I can’t even begin to say how talented she is. She connects with the animals in a way I never could. I have tons of pictures of him like I said, but none express him and his many personalities like the photos that Nicole took.

Don’t get me wrong, I paid for my pictures and such but I feel like I can never repay Nicole for what she has given me… yes, her work is just that good!