Hannah & Griffin } Austin, Texas Lifestyle Portraiture – Dog / Pet Photographer

I’ve had ideas on paper for sometime now about test shoots I wanted to set-up. They range from highly artistic to editorial inspired and somewhere in between. I decided one day that those ideas could no longer live on paper and in my head. It was time for those ideas to run free and so I have been making plans, setting up shoots and executing ideas. It feels good and I’m happy to share some of the results with you here. The beautiful Hannah and her adorable rescue pup Griffin were my models for this particular shoot. We had the absolute luxury of being able to shoot at Threshold Furniture and Design thanks to Hannah being good friends with the owner. That was sheer luck on my part and I can’t even explain how amazing it was to get to utilize this fantastic space and their fabulous furniture. I definitely am thrilled with the results and I can’t thank Hannah and Griffin enough for being such fantastic models. Major thanks to Threshold Furniture and Design for giving us free reign of your studio. I’m excited to share more of these personal projects with you all in the near future. Stay tuned!


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle imagery for pets and the people who love them. Servicing Austin, Houston and Dallas Texas and available for travel. Commercial and editorial licensing available.

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leesia - what a great space! terrific session.

Shelly - *one

Shelly - Nicole I love these, every single on of them! Great work!

Brigid C - I can say I met Griffin before he was big time! They look great and the photos are stunning!

Central Texas Fires – What you can do to help!

As many of you know Central Texas has been in a severe drought and several wildfires have broken out across our great state. The absolute worst devastation has been in Bastrop where close to 1400 homes have been destroyed. Brush fires have broken out in many other areas and I myself had to pack up our home in preparation to evacuate this past Tuesday. Luckily we were spared but so very many across Central Texas were not. Add to that loss the countless number of animals that have been lost in the fire or displaced and it’s just an incredibly sad tragedy. I am listing below some ways that you can help families and animals during this huge time of need. I am also listing links to rescued animals that have been found. If you are looking for your pet please check these links! The outpouring of help from the Austin community alone is amazing. Let’s keep up the great work!  PS – I will be updating this page with new information and links as I find them, so please check back.

Ways to donate for families…

This is an updated list of various places, businesses and people that are accepting donations and aid.

Ways to donate for animals…

Links to rescued animals/information…

Events/Fundraisers for wildfire relief…

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Social media madness } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Social media is considered to be just a part of doing business, especially for the small business owner. I have to tell you though… it’s a little (maybe a lot) maddening. First it was Facebook, then LinkedIn, then Twittter and now Google +. Oh and let’s not forget about the blogs, the tumblrs and all those other spaces on the web for sharing our stuff. Of course, I’ve got a little piece of me in all these places and I try to make sure they represent me as a whole. Who knew there was so much of me to go around. Ha! Anywho, I figured I would take a second to say that if you love this blog and enjoy seeing what I’m up to you most definitely will want to “like” my Facebook page. It’s a great place for me to post recent favorite images, funny tidbits and interesting local news. You will often see sneak peek images before they make their way to the blog and even some images from personal projects! So, definitely find your way to my page! I look forward to seeing you there!

Want to know where else you can find me on the web? I’m sure you’re shaking your head yes, right? 😉    TwitterTumblrGoogle+

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Hoochie, Holden & Henry } Austin, Texas Dog Photographer

Hoochie, Holden and Henry are gracing the blog today. I dare you to say that five times fast! These three Dachshund pups probably could have given me a run for my money but they were surprisingly cooperative on the day of the shoot. I was informed ahead of time by their parents, Jess and Paula, that these three were “spoiled” and will most likely do as they please. I think we were all pleasantly surprised and amused by how food motivated they really were. I like to think that I lulled them into a trance with my dog photo whispering skills but maybe my super stinky/yummy treats had something to do with it too.

At some point during the pictures with Jess and Paula I’m pretty sure Jess must have slathered herself in my treats because Hoochie was all up in her face licking away for what seemed like forever. It was pretty hilarious. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. I had such a great time getting to know and photograph this lovely family. Thank you Hoochie, Holden, Henry, Paula and Jess for a wonderful session!


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle imagery for pets and the people who love them. Servicing Austin, Houston and Dallas Texas and available for travel. Commercial and editorial licensing available.

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Michele - The photo with the three of them at the end of the bed is adorable!

Katy Sonner - Wow! Those are some of the cutest dachshunds ever, well other than mine of course! ha! That would’ve been a blast! 🙂 I especially like the one where one of the dachshunds is sitting straight up. Awesome job!

New logo and new site! } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

I really am letting this sneak up on a lot of you. It’s incredibly hard for me to keep a secret and I wanted to keep this under wraps for as long as I could but it’s time to finally unleash my new logo and new site! The amazingly uber talented Missi Jay at Gigglebox created this adorable, fun and clever new logo for me. I loved my existing logo and it served me well for a very long time. It will always hold a special place in my heart because my husband designed it for me and I still think it’s pretty darn cute. However, I was looking for a logo that moved away from my initials, had a lighter feel and still integrated a camera. She took my very loose and all over the place ideas and turned them into something very special and very me. When she first sent me this logo to review she wrote “you are shooting pure love.” I was like… “wow!” She gets it! She really does. So needless to say if you need an amazing designer for any of your projects, Missi is your girl.

But wait there’s more!! As if updating my logo wasn’t enough for you I also updated my website! I didn’t get too crazy but you will see the new logo, new color scheme and a simple/clean layout. I am still updating a few things here and there but overall it’s ready to go.

Now I have the fun task of updating ALL of my marketing materials. Yikes!! Wish me luck!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new logo and site. As always thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. xoxo – Nicole

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leesia - congratulations – looks great!!