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Mr. Natural and Honey

Mr. Natural (feline) and Honey (canine) belong to the lovely Phil and Christy Curcuru. These four make a terribly beautiful family. Don’t you agree? Plus, how many dogs and cats do you know that love on each other this much? These two are made for each other. I love that they are like a little […]

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Penn is a handsome Whippet and a total snuggle bunny. I enjoyed photographing him and his sweet family. This is the first Whippet client I’ve had as an Austin dog photographer of five years. How is that? My parents have Whippets and I love the breed. Send more Whippets my way!

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I’m not going to bother apologizing about my lack of posting on this blog. I’ll just show you the beautiful French Bulldog Pearl and leave it at that.

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