Jeremy and Mona

Would you know a Finnish Lapphund when you see one? Would you even know what it is? Well, now you can impress your friends and wow people at dinner parties with the knowledge I am about to lay on you. A Finnish Lapphund is a very awesome and very adorable dog from… you guessed it, Finland! They were originally bred to herd reindeer and are hyper intelligent and extremely loyal. Now, there is no telling how this little Finnish pup made its way into Austin, TX or why she was left abandoned as a puppy, but one thing is for sure, she found her forever home with Jeremy.

Mona is now 12 years young and still as wild, feisty and heroically protective as she ever was. On the day I visited she was sporting her summer cut complete with a tough mohawk riding down her back, just to let people know she means business. A pup like Mona couldn’t have found a more perfect match then in a guy like Jeremy. These two were made for each other and well… I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.




Nicole Mlakar-Livingston is a photographer in Austin, Texas. She provides lifestyle photography for pets and the people who love them. Specializing in dog and cat photography. Available for editorial and commercial assignments. Will travel!

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Jonny Carroll - What a cutie! She looks like a great dog.

susan patton - More wonderfulness! Miss you. So glad that your talents keep reaching new heights and new avenues!!

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