There’s nobody here but us chickens } Austin, TX Lifestyle Photographer

I had wanted to photograph my friend Levi’s chickens every since he first got them when they were wee little chicks. Chickens grow fast though and time slipped away so by the time I finally made plans for a shoot they were no longer chicks they were chicken teenagers. Fully grown chicken teenagers that were running around, scratching up mulch and just being plain old silly. From the moment I started shooting I knew this was going to be way too much fun. We even got some awesome shots of Levi with his chickens, and a few with his wife Evette, in the house! Chickens in the house!!

Levi used one of the images for his new profile on the Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlour website, a beauty salon right here in Austin that he owns with his wife. I think it suits him quite nicely.

Needless to say I will be photographing these chickens again and again! I think it may become a new obsession. Ha!


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stephanie - these are awesome! (found you on Blogs Of Photogs)

Jeannie - These pics are awesome–and those chickens are crazy gorgeous!

Stephanie - Fantastic images!!! Just goes to show that all animals are awesome and should be photographed 🙂

sarah - omg nicole….. that mid-air lettuce one is KILLER! 🙂

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