Social media madness } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Social media is considered to be just a part of doing business, especially for the small business owner. I have to tell you though… it’s a little (maybe a lot) maddening. First it was Facebook, then LinkedIn, then Twittter and now Google +. Oh and let’s not forget about the blogs, the tumblrs and all those other spaces on the web for sharing our stuff. Of course, I’ve got a little piece of me in all these places and I try to make sure they represent me as a whole. Who knew there was so much of me to go around. Ha! Anywho, I figured I would take a second to say that if you love this blog and enjoy seeing what I’m up to you most definitely will want to “like” my Facebook page. It’s a great place for me to post recent favorite images, funny tidbits and interesting local news. You will often see sneak peek images before they make their way to the blog and even some images from personal projects! So, definitely find your way to my page! I look forward to seeing you there!

Want to know where else you can find me on the web? I’m sure you’re shaking your head yes, right? 😉    TwitterTumblrGoogle+

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