Bodhi, Callie and Eli } Austin, Texas Dog / Pet Photographer

I met Bodhi, Callie and Eli at the opening for Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlour earlier this year. I donated a session for their grand opening and I was beyond thrilled when Callie, the one person at the opening with a pup, was picked for my donation. How serendipitous was that? Bodhi had so much personality and a smile that would not quit. Not to mention she does some pretty cute dances for treats, which Callie calls her “Shakira, Shakira.” Love it! So I was of course thrilled to get the chance to photograph this adorable Chihuahua cutie with her equally adorable parents.

Bodhi brought the full on spectrum of cuteness to this session. She danced, she happily tried on wigs, she ate an entire carrot, she begged for belly rubs and she smiled the whole way through. This pup is well loved and she knows it! Seeing Callie and Eli with Bodhi made my heart sing and I’m so happy that they saved this beautiful girl and gave her the most awesome home she could have ever hoped for. Thank you Callie, Eli and Bodhi for a wonderfully beautiful session.

Oh… and a little side note – Callie is a crazy awesome artist and she recently had her work displayed in the West Elm catalog. Check out her work here:

Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle imagery for pets and the people who love them. Servicing Austin, Houston and Dallas Texas and available for travel. Commercial and editorial licensing available.

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Serenah - This dog is awesome!!

Korey Howell - Uh oh, I think Bohdi make be giving Gizmo and Puppytime a run for their money as my favorite!

Hollis - I love this shoot, Nicole!! 🙂

Katie - Holy moly! I have never seen a dog eat a carrot like that! I love these pictures!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the puppy wig! Oh my goodness! Precious! Once again, you have done an amazing job capturing this pup’s personality!

johnwaire - you truly captured the love! happy pup. happy owners. what’s not to like? 🙂

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