Missy and her wading pool } Austin, Texas Dog / Pet Photographer

It is HOT out there people!! HOT!!! The last several days in Austin it has been hovering around 103 degrees. Did you here that? ONE HUNDRED and THREE!! Naturally when it is this hot there are only two thing that happen to me. First my brain shuts off because apparently I don’t function well over 100 degrees and second all I can think about is swimming or wading or laying in really cool water. So, I was pretty excited when I heard my adorable Dachshund client, Missy, had a love for splashing around in water too. Her mom, Katie, had already told me all about Missy’s love for water, how she adored her baby pool and how she loved to bite/chase the water hose. I was really hoping we would be able to capture all of these fun little moments during our shoot.

Let me tell you… Missy did not disappoint. This little girl was working the camera from the moment I arrived and we had such a fun time. Katie had some wonderfully cute ideas for the shoot and Missy was more than happy to oblige. I just love everything about this shoot and the awesome summer fun feeling that you get when looking at the water images. Thank you Missy and Katie for such a great time.

Stay cool everyone!


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle imagery for pets and the people who love them. Servicing Austin, Houston and Dallas Texas and available for travel. Commercial and editorial licensing available.

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nicole - Thank you so much Tolly!!

Tolly - Nicole … I am DYING over this adorable creature!! I love how you captured her in the point of the heart. 🙂 Your pictures are just magical, woman.

Jazmyn - Thank you!! 🙂

Ian J - Oooo these are fab! Love them all, love the fact you’ve captured the interaction between Katie and her, its fab, they look like they are totally in love 🙂

nicole - Thanks Ruth!

Ruth - OMG Nicole, amazing!! My fave to date, I reckon 🙂

nicole - Jazmyn – Thank you! I believe I was using the 35/1.4 on that shot. I mostly used the 35/1.4 and the 50/1.2 on this session.

nicole - Katie – Thank you SO much!! It really was tons of fun for me and I can’t thank YOU and Missy enough for being so awesome. Hope you two have lots more summer water fun ahead. 🙂

Jazmyn - I love these!! If you don’t mind me asking, what lens did you use in the 3rd set of pictures? Or if it was the same lens for all of them lol.

Katie Blackwell - Looking at these pictures & reading your blog just made my whole summer! Thank you so much for capturing my water baby & her fun personality on film! These shots are priceless & I thank you so much for capturing these memories for us! I could not be happier!

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