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I donated a session to the Texas Humane Legislation Network last year for one of their big fundraisers. It was a great event at The Belmont and I was thrilled to be able to help them raise additional money for their cause. Diane was at the event that night and while she didn’t win the session she did discover my services and contacted me shortly thereafter to book a session of her own. I met her four pups on a lovely evening in Georgetown and I thoroughly enjoyed spending a little time with each of them. I will give you a quick run down on who we have here. First there is Daisy the Black Lab, who at 15 is the elder of the bunch. She was Diane’s first dog. Next up is Scout, who is a 12 1/2 yr old Border Collie. The other Border Collie is Rocket, who is 10. Last but not least is the 10 yr old yellow Lab, Bella. Diane told me the “pack order is me, Scout, Bella, Daisy, Rocket, which is perfectly fine with Rocket.” Ha! I love that! They are really the cutest bunch and I had such a wonderful time with them all.

Someone didn’t want to do what the other dogs were doing. Oh, Rocket! Ha, Ha!

Rocket will hold this crazy, intense stance and glare until the ball is thrown. Serious Border Collie stuff going on here.

See Bella hanging out there in the back? This was the beginning of the shoot and Bella was not keen on the camera. I’ve never met a shy/scared dog yet that I couldn’t coax out of its shell with loads of patience, kindness and maybe some awesome treats. 😉


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle imagery for pets and the people who love them. Servicing Austin, Texas and available for travel. Commercial and editorial licensing available.

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Alex - I LOVE the last photo! The one in the middle reminds me of Sophie – happy go lucky.

Jen - The one with the border collie staring at the ball is AWESOME!

Caroline - Oh I love the enthusiastic faces in the last one!!!! How adorable!

amber snow - these are super cute, that last one is hilarious! love them.

sarah - oh my gosh nicole, i LOVE these! beautiful old dogs, beautiful light…. wonderful work 🙂

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