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I don’t know what it is about Pit Bulls but every time I have a session with one it is pretty awesome. They are just always the sweetest, funniest and silliest of pups. Patron and Rosco were definitely no exception.

When I arrived at our session and met Patron for the first time I took one look at Lauren and then one look back at Patron and thought… “How does this girl handle this gargantuan puppy?” That’s right! Patron, the grey Pit, is only one year old and he is ALL puppy! Lauren warned me that he could get a little rambunctious and to be prepared. I guess I had my usual charm working for me because Patron was absolutely awesome and calm and totally silly. Rosco is quite a bit smaller then Patron and at three years old he’s definitely a bit calmer. Rosco was like the total yin to Patron’s yang. They are quite the pair. Rosco belongs to Lauren’s boyfriend, Isaac, and I was happy to be able to capture some really sweet moments between him and his pup. We ended our session with a bubble extravaganza for Patron. He was so tired from the session that he kind of just tripped out on the bubbles and rolled around in a bubble induced daze. It was pretty freaking hilarious.

Big thanks to Lauren, Isaac, Patron and Rosco for a really fantastic session!


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle imagery for pets and the people who love them. Servicing Austin, Texas and available for travel. Commercial and editorial licensing available.

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Cory - Digging the bubble pics! Awesome.

Joanna Reichert - Great series – you really captured their spirits; I particularly like the one of Isaac holding Rosco : )

Charlotte Reeves - What an awesome session Nicole!! It has it all, awesome models, gorgeous owners and a beautiful setting. Nice work!

Nina - The bubbles…….OH, the bubbles. Beyond cute–I love them all. Having one shot with the bubbles out of focus and then one right on his nose is so cool.

Bethany Giannini - Oh Nicole these are absolutely beautiful. I love love love the third photo – the one on the right of Rosco. Very well done.

Ian J - Wow, these are so cool, i LOVE them both, they look so fun! The bubbles shots are to die for 🙂

Gail Zeak - OMG! They are just too cute! Gorgeous photos as always!

amber snow - Those are great! I love how his funny tongue hangs out everywhere.

Stacey - Oh my goodness, those last three are so adorable! I just want to give them a hug!

Caroline - Oh my god! I don’t even know these two and I love them! I have too many favorites to name, but him holding Rosco and the bubble series are awesome! I LOVE IT!

Sherry - I love the first shot, and the last series with the bubbles. Their sweet, goofy pit bull personalities really shine through.

sarah - aaaah the bubbles!!!

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