Oliver Pancake & Rigby Peanut } Dallas, Texas Dog Photographer

I first photographed this family back in 2009 when Oliver Pancake was their one and only pup. It wasn’t too long after our shoot that Rigby Peanut entered the picture and I was informed that new family pictures would be on the horizon. So, when I announced that I would be heading back out to Dallas earlier this year this growing family was first on my list.

We met up at the SMU campus and we fully utilized all the loveliness the grounds had to offer. Oliver and Rigby’s mom was of course looking amazing as ever and her hubs was looking quite dapper as well. I was completely awe struck by the fabulous purple streaks in her hair. Back in the day I had a few purple streaks in my own hair and I loved it so much… definitely brought back fond memories. Needless to say I knew that the shoot would be full of color, fun and joy because these two are just that cute. Upon seeing Oliver again I was thrilled to see that his mohawk had stayed in tact and he was silly as ever. Rigby, at all of 10 mths, was just an adorable cuddle bug. He was definitely a little more shy and reserved than his older brother but I have a feeling Oliver will break him of that soon. Ha!

I really had such a great time with this wonderful family and I’m looking forward to capturing new memories in the future.

PS – Oliver and Rigby’s mom has a very awesome blog called Make Mine A Mojito and she blogged about our session. Check it out here.



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Caroline - I love this shoot so much! So hard to pick a favorite and the family is beautiful!

amber snow - these are amazing! you did an awesome job, and those pups are tooooo freaking cute.

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