Bo Diddley } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

This Bo Diddley might not play a mean guitar but he sure can win you over with his charming good looks. Meet Bo Diddley, the cover dog for the Spring issue of HauteDog Magazine. I met Bo at the Austin Speed Shop, an Austin based custom car shop that builds some of the most amazing hot rods and custom cars around. Bo spends most of his days hanging out with the staff and bringing a smile to the face of just about anyone that stops by. Life before the Speed Shop wasn’t so great though. Bo was found on the street by the Speed Shop Manager Rocco and his wife. They turned him over to the local shelter in hopes that someone would claim him. Unfortunately, no owner was ever found and Bo sat in the shelter for way too long and was at risk of being put down. The local Love-A-Bull Pit Bull Rescue stepped in to help but ultimately Rocco and Bob, a Speed Shop hot rod builder, decided to just bring him to the shop and figure it out from there.

The rest is history as they say. Bo now spends his days at the Speed Shop and spends his nights with Bob and his wife Laura. Laura has spent time training Bo and she’s done a really fantastic job with him. He knows so many commands and is such a well mannered and sweet boy. Thank you to Bo, Rocco, Laura and the whole Speed Shop crew for a wonderful shoot. It was a real pleasure!


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle photography for pets and the people who love them. Available in Austin, TX and beyond.

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Mia Baker - Wow so handsome! Great shots. Love the location.

Ian J - Oh my! Look at him! He is super duper gorgeous, i’d love to give him a big hug, he looks really dopey! 🙂

Laura Merkt - All the pic’s look great. You did a great job with him. Thanks for making Bo a rock star 🙂

Paul K. - Great, his ego is probably through the roof now..

John Jackson - It was hard enough to get a appointment to see Bo before, and now that he is a cover dog I can only imagine

Marion Rocco - These photos of Bo are so beautiful! Wonderful, wonderful.

Caroline - Love the last picture! It’s my favorite!!!

Summer H. - What a handsome boy! He looks like he was made for the hot-rod lifestyle.

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