Biggie and Ollie } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Jenna won a session that I donated to Austin Pets Alive last year. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to photograph her adorable cats Biggie and Ollie. Before the shoot I knew that Biggie was an APA foster that Jenna could not live without and Ollie was a stray that she rescued at only a few weeks old. It wasn’t until the day of our shoot that I learned Biggie had three legs and a tear jerking story about how he came to APA. Biggie was an owner surrender and he was left in the overnight drop box with a gunshot wound to his leg. Through generous donor support APA made every attempt to save Biggie’s leg but in the end it had to be amputated. Now as sad as this story is I promise it has a happy ending. This beautiful boy lives with Jenna who fostered him, fell in love and then gave him a permanent home. He could care less about having only three legs and he gets along better than most cats with four. Biggie shares his home with Ollie and that’s saying a lot because Ollie is well… “special.” Seriously people, Jenna herself made many jokes about how crazy Ollie is and I saw it with my own two eyes. Ha! Anyway, as I said this story has a very happy ending and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

You can read more about Biggie at the APA site and hear Jenna’s update on his fantastic life today. Thank you Jenna, Biggie and Ollie for a wonderful shoot.

Jenna said to me, “Can we get shot of Biggie with his Crunk Juice cup?” Uh, YES!!

Nicole Mlakar Photography provides on-location pet photography in Austin, Texas and beyond.

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Bethany Giannini - These photos are fantastic! I have seen other gunshot cases in both dogs and cats and I just can’t understand what kind of person would do such an inhumane thing. He is a lucky boy to have been given a second chance and found such a good home.

Gail Zeak - OMG! What a couple of handsome little devils!

sue fowle - I was one of the first people to meet Ollie when he was brought home from Boston, and yes he is a crazy one, but very special.
Love these pictures! Great job!

DVMsWife - He is so handsome! What a special boy! You captured him perfectly. Love these.

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