Wembley and Marley } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Wembley and Marley are Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Well, Marley’s got a little extra something mixed in which of course makes her extra special. They both are amazingly talented pups. Wembley is an AKC champion show and hunting dog. He comes from a long line of very prestigious field and show Griffons. Marley was rescued from a kill shelter and had been badly abused and neglected. She made a full recovery within one year and now works as a search and rescue dog helping law enforcement locate missing people and investigate crime scenes.

These two are the heart and soul of their parents, Joel and Kristy. It was really something special to capture the beautiful connection between Joel and his two best friends. You could absolutely see how much love and respect he has for Wembley and Marley and vice versa.

This shot seriously cracks me up.

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alexa - What a great session! Those two are just adorable with their eyes. What cute expressions. 🙂

johnwaire - beautiful dogs. awesome job capturing the connection between joel and his 2 best friends! you rock nicole.

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