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I was told that Lucky had been recently diagnosed with diabetes and may not live much longer. Coco’s husband wanted to surprise her with a gift of a photo session that would be a memorable keepsake of her sweet boy. I arrived to a rather frail Lucky, but he still had plenty of spunk and he thoroughly enjoyed the catnip I had on ample supply. I spent some time getting to know Lucky and checking out some of his favorite spots around his home. After the shoot, Coco told me that Lucky seemed to be doing fairly well and back to his old self. I was happy to hear that and hopeful that they would continue to have more time together. Unfortunately, I received word yesterday that Lucky’s kidneys are failing and that he would only be with them for another day or two. Coco went on to write, “I can’t thank you enough for the most WONDERFUL photos you took of him and us together. We have them hanging in our living room and it’s such a beautiful way to always remember him.”

I’m so glad I was able to meet Lucky and provide Coco and her family a lasting memory. My thoughts and heart go out to them.

This was one of those split second moments and I’m go glad I caught it. Coco’s son Chance and Lucky.

May you find peace sweet boy and a never ending supply of catnip.


Nicole Mlakar Photography is a lifestyle photographer for pets and the people who love them. Available in Austin, TX and beyond.

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Bethany Giannini - I love the last two photos – especially the one with Chance. Lucky looks like a nice guy who loves people. My heart goes out to his family.

Jenna - What a beautiful boy! My thoughts are with his family.

Mel Hammonds - Lucky is a beautiful cat. So great that they have these images! I am a fellow pet photog and Texas neighbor to you down in Houston…you have some beautiful work. And isn’t it wonderful to be able to provide people with a meaningful way to remember their pets!

amber snow - so cute! cats are adorable. if they didn’t shed and weren’t so prissy I may have 5 of them.

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