Mocha and Anchor } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

It’s hard for me to write this blog post without getting teary. I don’t like coming to terms with the fact that our furry loved ones leave us in what seems like a blink of an eye. This reality is especially hard as a pet photographer and even though I realize I am creating lasting memories for the owner, it still makes my heart ache.

At 15 1/2 Mocha lived a full life. You could see it in his eyes and in his occasional little grin. I knew this boy was well loved and I knew that he had given his mom, Lisa, as much love as he received. The bond between Mocha and Lisa was/is so very special. I feel honored to have been able to capture these last moments in their beautiful life. I also am very thankful to have met Anchor and find comfort in knowing that he will bring so much joy to Lisa in Mocha’s absence.

The first two image spreads are excerpts from Mocha’s photo album.

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Suzanne - I really like the versus on the photos! Such a neat thing to add…..I love that your photos catch personalities!!

Cami - Well that made me cry! The images are beautiful – what a gift.

Amy - Dear Lisa, I’m so sorry for your loss. I recently lost the Labrador love of my life so I know too well the feeling of emptiness. Mocha looks so happy in all these pictures. Peace be with you.

Karen Mooney - What gentle eyes Mocha has! awesome shots make for a great memory of your baby.

Ron Gillet - Lisa I am so glad you have these pictures of Mocha to remember. I know Mocha was a strong presence in your life. Come out and see us sometime.

Maria Aimone - What great photos! they show their personality and charm. what a treasure to have these photos Lisa!

Aunt Jeanne Evans - Nicole, your talent has given Lisa the gift of printed memories. I was fortunate to see the entire collection…absolutely beautiful. Lisa: how special to have Mocha’s memories captured just as they are in your heart.

Kim Sarantakes - Just caught notice of this post on facebook. Nicole, you did such fine work in pictures of Mocha’s last day. I don’t post a lot of comments on blogs but I was really moved by this one. I believe you love dogs as much as I do, and I am a self-proclaimed dog freak (I love cats, too).

To Lisa: I recently lost my Aussie Shepherd, Gypsy, and I can tell you that Mocha is in very good company now. I am so glad you have Anchor to ease your grief. He looks like a sweetheart.

Lisa - Nicole, you will truly remain a dear hero to me for taking these beautiful photos of my boys. And to my dear friend Sandi, who gifted me the session with Nicole for my birthday – thank you, thank you, thank you! And to Sarah McGraw – your comment is very sweet, and Anchor is taking fantastic care of me! I’d be an absolute mess without him right now . . .

Sarah McGraw - So glad you got to capture Mocha on his last day. He is so handsome and so obviously loved. Stay strong Anchor and take care of your mommy.

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