Dallie pup } Austin, Texas Pet / Dog Photographer

Can you believe that we are edging towards the middle of December? Eeek! Where did the year go? Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Decorated the house? I’ve done a few things but am far from being ready for Christmas. Speaking of gifts… don’t forget that we offer really beautifully wrapped gift certificates for the pet lover in your life. Just contact me through my blog contact page or via my contact page on my site for more details. It’s a Christmas gift that will definitely be cherished for years to come!

Now let’s talk about this little white fluff ball. Her name is Dallie and she is such a sweet cream puff of a pup. Dallie’s absolute favorite thing to do is give you kisses all day and night. She wanted nothing more than to give her mom, Jaclyn, lots of slobbery sweet kisses throughout the whole shoot. When she’s not kissing her momma she enjoys nuzzling in her bed, posing adorably for the camera and of course being held. I had fun getting to know Dallie and I want to thank Dallie and her momma for a wonderful shoot!

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nicole - Hi Alex! Thank you for your nice comment and for following my blog! I hate to tell you this but I believe it is one of a kind. Jaclyn told me she found, restored and painted it herself. Maybe you can find a unique old dresser and do the same! Good luck!

Alex - I LOVE that blue dresser! Where is that from? Please don’t tell me one of a kind! Nicole, I love following your blog and seeing your beautiful photos. You are an inspiration!

Jaclyn - Thanks to Nicole for such wonderful pictures of my baby :).

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