Homestar } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

I knew Homestar’s story before meeting him. He was scheduled to be put down, after living at a local animal shelter in Austin for several years. Staffordshire Terrier’s are up against a very rough stereotype and this boy was no exception. Abused and used early on his life, he was bred for fighting and nothing else. He was deaf from the removal of his ears, a common mutilation procedure for fighting dogs. He had no hope and no chance but he had a whole lot of love to give and thank goodness someone realized that. This boy, this beautiful and regal and soulful boy, found his forever home. I fell absolutely in love with Homestar from the minute I met him. He is such a smart and loving boy. He knows sign language very well and is 70 lbs of pure love. Do you know Ferdinand the Bull? Homestar is Ferdinand the Bull in every way. This sweet boy can finally enjoy life, the way he always wanted to with two people that will care for him for all his days.

I thought I would also take a moment to acknowledge a great group in Austin called Love-A-Bull that promotes advocacy and education of all breeds that are commonly referred to as Pit Bulls. They work so very hard to protect and serve these beautiful dogs.

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Shelly - wonderful job Nicole!

leesia - such depth in those eyes. lovely session, nicole!

Ian J - Awwwww, what a lovely lovely boy, and its muchos thanks to his humans for giving him a chance 🙂 Staffies have got a bad rep over here in the UK as well, we have a rescue staffy who is just the sweeetest pup ever, thanks so much for helping to show off this beautiful and gentle breed, the photos are lovely 🙂

Brandi - What a handsome fellow. God bless him and his wonderful new humans!

nicole - Thank you so very much for all the wonderful comments. This sweet boy inspires me in so many ways. I’m sure he loves all the attention on the blog!

Di Leventhal - I will understand cruelty towards animals and especially dogs. Whatever they have endured they are so happy to forgive. A quality so many of us could learn from. Beautiful images as always Nicole.

Erica Matyas - I LOOOOOVE these!!!! Little baby boy!

heather - Thank you so much for capturing Homestar’s beautiful sole. AMAZING photos, Nicole!

Corrina - IN LOVE with the photo of him with his eyes shut! Love your work!

Julie Austin - I am totally in love with Homestar.
You captured his gentle soul in these pictures.

Hillary - What a touching story! He look so sweet! You captured his heart! I love watching your blog!

Danya sanchez - He is such a beautiful boy! I am glad he got a home! It is so sad the stereotype that these dogs endure.

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