Hollis and her furry family } Dallas, TX Pet Photographer

This is the second in a series of four sessions I had in Dallas not too long ago. I met Hollis on Twitter and over several months found out that she is a huge animal advocate and she has quite the furry family. She posted a photo of her 15 yr old kitty, Sweetums, and I knew from that moment that we needed to get together for a shoot. I’d been wanting to photograph a Himalayan for some time so I was really excited about meeting Sweetums. Hollis also has two rescue Greyhounds, Clive and Maggie. Clive is a massive big teddy bear and Maggie is a very gentle and sweet girl. Maggie’s motherly instincts and nurturing spirit led Hollis to her fourth pet, a kitty named Little Bit. Maggie discovered Little Bit on a walk with Hollis. There was a spot on the walk that Maggie would not leave alone and Hollis didn’t see anything but what she thought was a dirty oily rag. That dirty oily rag turned out to be a little kitten that was on the brink of death. Hollis took the kitten home and with the help of Maggie nursed her back to health. To this day, Maggie and Little Bit are like mother and daughter. Adorable, I know!

We started our shoot at Bishop Arts District and then headed home for indoor shots with the kitties. It was a fabulous shoot and Hollis made my job a total dream because well… she’s got some experience in modeling and she’s gorgeous! Thank you to Hollis, Clive, Maggie, Sweetums and Little Bit for a really wonderful shoot.

Updated on 9/12/10 to add: RIP Sweetums. You will be dearly missed.

This is Clive “rooing.” Which Greyhound lovers know is a magical Greyhound howling/singing. You can see Clive in action here.

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claire - i love this session!!

Jill Beninato - That one cat has the craziest eyes I have ever seen…very cool. Love the shots.

sarah - nicole, these are fabulous! and i LOVE that girl’s style! her skirt, her house… love it.

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