Mabel and Zeke } Austin, TX Pet Photographer

I had the absolute best time photographing Mabel and Zeke. Mabel is like the extra furry version of my Ella. They are the same age, both very sweet, have the same soulful eyes and both have a lot of spunk. I always thought Ella had furry Grinch-like feet but Mabel definitely has her beat. She has long beautiful wispy hairs that cover her little padded feet. I just love Mabel! Now, Zeke was a total character. I think I laughed out loud several times while editing the pictures of Zeke. He has a million different expressions and they are all versions of what I like to call annoyance. He put up with me though and I got some pretty charming images of the little guy. I want to thank Mabel, Zeke, Andy and Teri for a wonderful session. You all are the best!

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Jamie - oh my gosh, that cat is fantastic! love love love, hee hee

claire - you are on a roll, girl!
love how clean + crisp all of these are.

Julianna Koh - Beautiful, beautiful shots!
Mabel and Zeke are so adorable.

alexa - I ADORE the kitty feet on the colorful mat. Great session!

sarah - omg, i laughed out loud at the cat “lounging” in his dad’s lap! love it.

Grace - That fat cat is adorable – those facial expressions! – and I LOVE the grinch feet! Never would have described it that way before but it’s perfect!

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