Gwen, Miley and their parents } Austin, TX Dog Photographer

You might hear the names Gwen and Miley and immediately conjure up an image of two pretty famous female pop stars. What you may not realize is that there are two other divas out there with the same namesake. The fabulous female Schnauzers, Gwen and Miley, are pretty popular in their own circle and definitely know how to work the room. These girls are well loved and cared for by their equally fabulous parents, Jim and Edward. Jim and Edward are devoted to these two cuties and their love for dogs goes well beyond caring for Miss Gwen and Miley. They are part owners of Mud Puppies, a dog haven in North Austin that offers self-serve dog washes, grooming, dog boarding and play care. You should definitely check this place out!

I had the great pleasure of photographing Jim, Edward and the Gwen/Miley diva duo. Enjoy!

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Erica - I am blown away. These are amazing!!!!

Caitlyn - Hey, Jim Spencer! I didn’t know they were involved with Mud Puppies.


also that wall mural is AMAZING

Teri - Amazing, as always… you know how to capture the perfect moments! Gwen & Miley look fabulous & so does the happy couple!!

Cathy - The pictures are gorgeous!! The dogs eyes and expressions are priceless! Great job!! Edward and Jim look great too!

Edward Flores - This is so cute and funny! Thank you Nicole!

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