Buster & Tori } Austin, TX Dog Photographer

I met Buster and Tori for the first time at Mud Puppies, where they were hanging out for a day of play care. I was photographing some of the Mud Puppies pups for a fun new display in their shop. Tori was a doll and she just came right up to me with her happy little smile and big brown eyes and said “hello!!” Buster on the other hand was not having any of this. The more distance he could put between me and my camera the better. Yes, I can usually win over just about any dog with patience and treats but Buster was a bit of a challenge. Buster and Tori’s mom had also commissioned me for a personal portrait so it was kind of good to have a preview of the challenge Buster had in store for me. In the end, everything turned out wonderful. Buster’s dad gave him quite a few pep talks and we even pulled out a little Cabernet to calm his nerves (it’s not like it sounds… you’ll see!). Thank you to Buster, Tori, Teri and Stephen for a fabulous shoot.

Buster had one too many… ha, ha!

I’m pretty sure that every Texas dog should own a cowboy hat.

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Anna - I don’t know what it is about dachshunds but they don’t seem to care for the little black box pointed at them. Great job, enjoying your blog

alexa - The cowboy hats are SO CUTE! Wow, what an awesome session. 🙂

alexa - The cowboy hats are SO CUTE!! What an awesome session. 🙂

claire - i will always have a soft spot in my heart for dogs wearing hats.


Erica - OMG that cowboy hat!!! hee hee!!! I love it!! These are beautimous!!! …And I adore the b/w of Mom and pup in the rocking chair. 🙂

leesia - what faces!! great session — tori has the most expressive eyes.

Teri - The doggies look adorable… you sure know how to capture them at the perfect moment.

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