Jacques and Pierre } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

“Full creative control!” Those are three words that I don’t hear too often. I almost shrieked with delight upon reading those very words in Justin’s client interview. His two adorable Schnauzer boys were going to be mine… ALL MINE!!! Hee Hee! Jacques and Pierre were two of the most charming, handsome and patient little doggie clients I’ve ever had. They happily went along with pretty much any idea I had and they gave me their very best in each image. I was kind of enamored with them. They each had their own special something. Jacques with his dark gray coat and shimmery eyes and Pierre with his adorable pink tea cup sized ears. I just loved, loved, loved these boys. I’m pretty sure you will too!

Thank you so very much to Jacques and Pierre and most importantly Justin for letting me do my thing!

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Can’t wait for us to get another puppy and for you to photograph him with the OP!

april - Nicole, these are AMAZING!! I adore every one of them! And my little schnauzer girl Lucy has a big crush on Jacques… 🙂

Stephanie - Nicole, I don’t think your subjects or your photos could be any more cute and amazing! Nice job

Stephanie - Nicole I don’t think you could get any cuter dogs or take any cuter pictures. AMAZING!
Has April Z seen these yet? She will heart them 🙂

alexa - What a great session! How could your clients give you anything but full creative control?! Looovvveee the first two!

Wrigley Schnauzer - Very cute schnauzees indeed!

claire - nicole your work has been off the charts lately!! i am absolutely IN LOVE with those shots in the tall grass. killer!!!

nick - A beautiful shoot and session. They really stand out well against the grass!

tricia wilkinson - Yayy!! I can’t wait to see my babies!! Justin’s are lil angels too!!

Toni - These are fabulous! Love, Love, Love them!!
Great job, Nicole!

Grace - GORGEOUS! Truly some of your best work yet.

Jill Beninato - Love. All. Of. Them.

sarah - yay schnauzers!! these are AWESOME nicole 🙂

Tricia Owens - These are all just gorgeous! What good little boys. 🙂

Candace - Beautiful images! What handsome guys! I absolutely love the first 4 images, stunning.

johnwaire | photo - nicole…i love all of these. incredible job!

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