Wrigley } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Wrigley is a spunky firecracker of a Schnauzer. At only 8 months old, he’s pretty much 100% puppy and a whole lot of fun. I met up with Wrigley and his mom for an early morning photo session and we had a blast. I got to see first hand Wrigley’s new training skills in action, his high speed tornado runs across the living room and his vast toy collection. I had the best time with this lovable little pup. Thank you to Wrigley and his mom for a wonderful shoot.

PS…Wrigley has one thing that most adorable 8 month old Schnauzers don’t have… a Twitter account! That’s right! This little Schnauzer knows the value of social media and he has quite a few friends that follow along on his daily adventures. So cute!

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Diane Lewis - That has to be the cutest Schnauzer I have ever seen- the pics are so darling, what an expressive face!!! The Schnauzer I photographed had such long eyebrows you couldn’t see his eyes at all no matter how hard I tried… I even asked for scissors ( bad me) to be able to see them or at least a glimpse of them; it’s all in the eyes! and my what cute eyes this boy has!!!

Jennifer Ray - GREAT Pictures!!!

Stoney Schnauzer - Wrigley is adorable!! A puppy doesn’t get any cuter than Wrigley Schnauzer. So young with so many happy years ahead. Totally awesome photos!

Rita @ Bitsy Baby - Recently connected in FB, LOVE your work and love your tag line “photographing pets and their people” AWEsome! =)

benita solomon - too cute – such a handsome fellow! Great pictures

Claire - those eyelashes are incredible!!

Ty - Wonderful shot! I love the ones with him and the blanket

Wrigley - What a handsome little fellow!

Belinda - Wrigley is adorable! Great Pictures!

Emilee - He is so stinkin’ cute! I could just eat him up. Excellent work, Nicole! 🙂

nick - Aww he is freaking cute 😀

Grace - Holy CRAP he’s the cutest schnauzer I’ve ever seen!

Yvetta :o,pm - Hi! Edward is a good friend of mine and co-organizer for the Austin Schnauzers Meetup Group. You took fantastic pics of Wrigley! Wonderful!!!!


Jill - SOOO cute! wow I love him!

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