Georgia, The Ibizan Hound } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Georgia is my first Ibizan to photograph. She is lovely, regal, and free-spirited. Her mom, Lara, is absolutely in love with her and I can totally see why. I want to let Lara tell the beautiful story of Georgia’s beginnings…

“She was the last puppy to come out and she was breached for one – the breeder was thrilled to see a little red girl come out and then her heart sunk when she saw that Georgia’s front paws were completely turned under – she was also MUCH smaller than the others.  But she immediately pushed the bigger puppies out of the way at every feeding and made no bones about getting mom’s milk.

A few days later all the pups were taken for a vet exam and the breeder knew they would most likely have to put Georgia to sleep.  The vet in her 30+ years had never seen a case like this and was stunned at the turned under paws.  The breeder asked to spare her a week or two to see if she could straighten her legs through physical therapy. The breeder and family took turns several times a day massaging her little legs and within, I think, a week they started to see improvements. Then she was able to stand but her little feet were very “east-west” pointed so they continued to work closely with her teaching her how to walk. The breeder assumed that she would keep Georgia and that we may not want her – and I said to her “she has been our girl all along” – I mean, I fell in love with her from the first photo and didn’t care what was wrong with those legs!!!

So – I flew to Florida and I met Georgia – and that was it – you have to understand I had lost my girl Jupiter 5 months before and I was so afraid I was making a mistake – but as soon as I held her my heart opened up and I felt so alive:)

Within a  few months she was not getting as “leggy” as her siblings – we had her x-rayed and examined and everything was healthy – she was just “little” – we did take her to a specialist who immediately said she was a dwarf – and that the leg deformity had nothing to do with the fact that she was a dwarf. Personally I think her ankles didn’t develop in the womb and that is why she isn’t a long leggy “beezer” – a typical Ibizan is about 24-25 inches tall at the shoulder and she is 19 1/2  and sticking – but as you saw, size is of no concern to her – haha:)

So…she swept into this house and everyone is in love with her – Aramis adores her and she has mom and dad wrapped around her pinky.”

Thank you Lara and Georgia for sharing your story with us and thank you for a wonderful session!

I love the way Lara holds Georgia in her lap. She looks like a baby deer.

They are adorable together…


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Anna - I have always liked Ibizan hounds, and Pharoah hounds.. guess I’m partial to the red regal dogs. Lovely shoot, thanks for sharing

Marc Weisberg - Pet Photographer - What an unusual breed. I’d never seen and Ibizian before, so i looked it up on Wikipedia and found some great info about them. Nicole, absolutely gorgeous photographs and phenomenal background choices. Great to stumble across your excellent pet photography blog.
Warmly, Marc

Sara - What a touching story – and you can definitely see how very much the two of them love each other. You captured their love and their story absolutely beautifully!

Ty - What an awesome dog! I love this whole set!!

Stephanie - OMG Nicole this is a gorgeous session. And even better was the story behind this little pup. Love.Love.Love 🙂

Karin vd Scheer - Beautiful pics, breathtaking ibizan!
She is georgeous.

Jill Beninato - I just love those dogs…your shots are ah-mazing!

Lexi - That has to be the coolest dog ever & these photos totally reflect that! I think I have a fav. new breed.

Erica - What a stunning session!!! GORGEOUS!!

illona - awe-SOME! lucky you to have worked with such a gorgeous dog, and you totally rocked it!

alexa - Gorgeous session. Love the looks she kept giving you. 🙂

Melissa - This is probably the most gorgeous dog I have seen in a very long time. With the exception of my own, of course. Wow, and such beautiful photos of her! FABULOUS.

Letitia - Great photos of them together. I follow her Flickr feed and haven’t seen her post pictures of her lovely Georgia in some time. Nice to be caught up. I love the touching story, too!


Nicole Mlakar - Thank you all so very much for the amazing comments. I truly appreciate hearing your feedback.

Stacey - Aweee, I just LOVE these! Such a great story, and a beautiful location. Way to work the lighting and colors!

Kevin Graves - absolutely beautiful photography of my beautiful cousin Lara and her baby mine. Just gorgeous.

margot navarre - Thank you for sharing the love. I know Lara ( the photography)
is extremely proud of the photos. Ahh. so natural. . . and real

Grace - absolutely amazing. some of my favorites from you yet.

claire - oh my god nicole, these are STUNNING!!!!! i love them all. but the truck series is especially fab, and that last photo ont he bottom left is just incredible.

leesia - so much personality in that lovely face!! gorgeous, gorgeous session, nicole — one of my favorites ever. and a beautiful story to boot.

Jen Arnett - Let me dry the happy tears rolling down my cheek before I write… Ok, so cute! Georgia is almost cat like and so graceful looking even in still photos. Great work!

Susan - I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Ibizan before, but Georgia is absolutely lovely, as are your pics, Nicole!! 🙂

Di Leventhal - beautiful story! I think the love is totally mutual

serena - Wonderful images of the owner and dog. Gorgeous looking dog.

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