Shiitake and Lucy } Austin, Texas Dog Photographer

These are two very well loved rescue pups. At 14, Shiitake has really seen it all. He is a world traveler and has been to such fine places as Australia, England and Paris. Shiitake’s mom, Amy, found him after he had been run over. She nursed him back to health and after trying to get him adopted she decided instead to just keep this little love bug for herself. Lucy is a fireball and definitely the alpha lady of the house. She has mastered the art of sitting/standing on her back legs and clapping for attention. You’ll see what I mean! These two were incredibly sweet and I had such a wonderful time capturing their relationship with their mom. Thank you Amy, Shiitake and Lucy for a lovely shoot.

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Jessica Chapman - Wow, what beautiful work!

Emilee - How precious! What a wonderful rescue story. Shiitake and Lucy are lucky dogs. Love the last shot! Lucy is too cute!

Jen Arnett - They are such cuties!! Great work!

Shorey - I haven’t seen Shiitake in so long…I forgot how adorable he is. GREAT photos.

Claire - really lovely shots, nicole! your b+w are especially stunning. also, i love the name shiitake!!

Grace - Something about Shiitake’s little button face just kills me. Gorgeous shots.

Jill - wow awesome shots! what little cuties!

heather - beautiful shots of precious puppies!

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