My little snowbaby } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Snow is rare in Texas and 2 inches of snow is REALLY rare. So obviously Ella and I had to run around and play in this odd, fluffy, white goodness blanketing our yard. Ella romped around and made some adorable little paw print tracks all over the place. Then she proceeded to check every snow covered tree to see if a squirrel would come down and play. Hope all you Texans enjoyed your “winter blast.”  😉

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mom - Cutest dog ever, and with the best personality, has a real soul that one does!!!! xxxoooo

Gail Zeak - She is just the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! She looks like a little stinker too!

claire - awww, so sweet!

susan - The little bit of snow was fun for our dogs too! Energizing, actually….as if they need more energy. I had Jewels, our older ‘Texas mutt’ in Kansas recently, and we woke up to 6 inches of new snow. She walked outside, turned back to look and stood there like she was in fresh cement and unable to move. I’m sure it was her first ‘snow experience’. Her expression was priceless.

leesia - awww, so cute! sadly, my dogs don’t do anything fun in the snow…just look at it, pee on it, and then go to the door to come back inside. :p

Yvonne Petreczko - That was so neat! We didn’t get that much snow on my side of Austin! Great photos!

Grace - TOO CUTE!!! What I would give to get some photos of my dog in snow.

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