New year = New site! } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Happy New Year!!! Here we are… 2010!! Seems so very futuristic to say 2010. I can remember thinking, as a kid, that 2010 would be the year of flying cars and people living in space… ha! Now I look at 2010 and am already projecting what 2020 will look like. Maybe we’ll have flying cars then? Wheeeee!!!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only had my photography business for a little under two years.  SO very much has happened and I’m SO very thankful to be doing what I love. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m definitely strapped in and ready for another fabulous and fast paced year ahead.

One of my first goals of 2010 was to update my website. I loved my old website format but it had it’s limitations and I was ready for something new. I am very happy and pleased to announce that my new website is up and ready to go! I hope you will check it out, browse around and leave me your feedback. Constructive feedback is always welcome as I want to make be the best that it can be! Here’s to a new year, a new site and many more new goodies to come! I wish you all much success and happiness in this new year.

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Susan - HauteDog magazine - The website is wonderful. A knee-weakening emotion is represented with your talent for capturing ‘spirit’ of all creatures. There is nothing you can’t achieve, with focus and passion. Here’s to a phenomenal 2010!

Suzanne - I love the new web site!! Looks great, easy to navigate!

Candace - quick FYI, on my mac at home, works great. Wow! I absolutely love it! So clean and fresh, leaving all the attention for the photos. Huge fan!

Jenna - Your new site looks fantastic!! Congrats and hoping 2010 treats you well!

leesia - looks bee-yooo-ti-ful!! and it loaded really quick. 🙂 your bio pic is so adorable!

Danielle - LOVE IT!! Looks wonderful!

Candace - Love it! On my work computer I can’t view the whole image, or the thumbnails, so I’m excited to go home on my computer, but I love it, congrats!

Stacey - It looks awesome!! Great job and very clean!

Grace - It looks AMAZING!!!!!! Congrats!!!

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