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Forever friends } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

In case you haven’t heard (because I figure I’ve told just about everyone) I was deemed the “Most Awesome-ist” pet photographer in Austin by the Austin Pets Directory’s “Most Awesome-ist” poll for all things pet! So, many great businesses were selected and it’s really an awesome honor. I can’t thank all of those who voted […]

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Three peas in a pod } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

These three happy-go-lucky pups welcomed me right into their home and weren’t shy with the lovin’. Addikus, a 9 year old Siberian Husky is handsome, charming and makes the most unusual howling sounds. It almost sounds like he’s trying to talk to you. Jackson, a 8 year old Australian Shepard is sweet, gentle and uncle […]

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New year = New site! } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Happy New Year!!! Here we are… 2010!! Seems so very futuristic to say 2010. I can remember thinking, as a kid, that 2010 would be the year of flying cars and people living in space… ha! Now I look at 2010 and am already projecting what 2020 will look like. Maybe we’ll have flying cars […]

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