Noah and the accidental high } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

I emailed Tiffany the day before her and Noah’s session to confirm our location shoot at Walnut Creek Park. Here’s what Tiffany wrote in reply: “Noah got stoned this weekend and was in the ER… he found pot at the park so we will NOT be shooting there.” I have to admit when I first read this I was like… “huh?” and then I immediately wrote back to get more info. Tiffany went on to tell me that Noah, who is “non-discriminatory” about what he puts in his mouth, found some weed in a crevice of a rock at the park. He apparently woofed it down and got pretty high, to say the least. Tiffany rushed Noah to Austin Vet Care and they took good care of her sweet stoned boy. Noah came out fairly unscathed, with the exception of a newly shaved leg from his IV and a massive case of the munchies… haha… kidding! But wait!! It get’s better, Noah received a certificate of bravery from Austin Vet Care! Yes, a certificate of bravery!! Is that not the cutest/sweetest thing ever? Without further ado here’s the sweet brave Noah and his adorable Mom, Tiffany.

Tiffany LOVES Noah… they have the sweetest bond.


Tiffany was cracking up every time Noah would turn his head at my high pitched shrill sounds.



Noah and his certificate of bravery!!


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jenna - I just came to visit from I heart Faces. These are amazing photos and how hilarious is it that that poor puppy got stoned by eating pot.. I didn’t know that was possible! I like the first photo of them on the couch. His expression looks so sweet. You can really tell he loves his human in the shot you captured!

Steindlmichaela - What a cute dog, his eyes are so soft. Great photographs!!! 🙂

He & Me + 3 - Those pictures are gorgeous. That doggie is beautiful and loves the camera. Sweet bond they share.

claire - nicole, every one of these is GORGEOUS! but also, i can’t believe he got high!! i always worry about that because roux does the same thing, and actually specifically likes to seek out used cigarettes…nasty dog! 🙂

Candace - What a beautiful boy! And gorgeous images! Love it! What a crazy story!

leesia - what a gorgeous session! love that smiley handsome face and the certificate — that is too funny. gorgeous light and colors, and such joy in these images!

suzanne - Awesome photos!! He looks like he was a great subject!!

Grace - What a cute brave baby! I love the series shot outdoors and that shot of him indoors on the bed. The certificate of bravery is awesome. What does a high dog act like?!

Kim - Hahaha OMG that is the best story ever! Noah sure is brave…I once ate too many brownies and let me tell u it was indeed quite scary! Bravery is key in those moments 🙂 I heart Noah!

Simon - Great shots! Animals seem to like weed, half the coffeeshops in Amsterdam have a cat or dog around. It has very little effect when eaten though, the THC cannot be metabolised unless cooked with fat or alcohol first…so I’m told.

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