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Some of you may or may not know that my husband was in the hospital this past week. He had a major surgery to remove part of his colon. That nasty colon had been giving him trouble for sometime and we finally found an amazing Gastroenterologist that took everything VERY seriously. After just one CT scan it was very apparent that part of his colon was diseased and had to be removed. Now, this is not common for someone at the ripe young age of 37, but nonetheless it was a problem and had to be taken care of immediately. So, I’d been killing myself trying to get ready for John’s upcoming surgery and then I’ve of course been at the hospital for the past week caring for him. We finally got to come home yesterday and now he starts the slow process of healing at home. It’s unbelievably hard to imagine not using your abdominal muscles at all… it pretty much limits anything you physically want to do. The awesome part is (oh yes, there’s an awesome part) that when he’s finally recovered from this he will feel SO amazing. YAY!!!

So, that explains my long absence and my very long overdue blog post. I have been wanting to post the family below for quite some time now. Tamara and her adorable (ahem… handsome) son, Ty, were a serious delight to photograph. I LOVED their relationship and I honestly felt really lucky to be able to capture something so very special. Thank you Tamara and Ty for being your beautiful and lovely selves.



Their sweet lab, Tinkerbelle, wanted in on the action



They were dangling their feet together and it was just SOOOO cute!





Ty is a dirt bike master… wait for it… wait for it…


BAM!!!! Check out that sweet jump… I think he got like “3ft of air that time.”


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Erica - This session is awesome and I agree the relationship between them is priceless. My best wishes for a wonderful recovery for your hubby too!!

Grace - So glad your husband is home safe and sound!! I love these photos – their house is gorgeous and the bond between them is so adorable.

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