Ella and the beach } Austin, Texas dog photographer

I love the beach. Wait… I am OBSESSED with the beach. I consider a beautiful clear blue ocean and white sands a little slice of heaven. I wasn’t always so particular about my beach experience. In fact, I basically grew up loving the beaches of Texas with its brown sand and brown water. Water so brown and dark that you can almost never see your toes when you’re in it. Growing up this was all I knew and I loved it dearly. UNTIL… my husband took me to Destin, Florida. Destin, deemed the Emerald Coast, is seriously like paradise or the closest I will ever come to it. The first time we ever went to Destin I thought to myself, “just leave me here because there’s no way I can ever go back.” It really is a magical and lovely place. Well, this year we rented a fantastic little condo that actually allowed pets. Woo hoo – Ella is going to the beach!! So, we drove 13 hours to Destin and Ella was the best little travel pup ever. She was beyond excited to be on her first big trip and I was super excited to finally take her to my magical beach. Now, Ella’s not a water baby by any means so I thought at best she would enjoy the sand. We brought her Frisbee along for her first beach experience and I will say it took one mouth full of sand for her to be over it. I felt so bad watching her contort her mouth into all sorts of strange faces as she tried to deal with the mouth full of sand she got every time she retrieved her Frisbee. Then we attempted to see if she would be interested in the water and she almost got swept away by the tiniest of waves. Needless to say, Ella’s beach experience wasn’t quite what I had hoped it would be. So, we instead spent a lot of time each day walking and playing around the lush resort gardens where she could play with her toys and not get a mouthful of sand.

Sand on face


She kind of looks happy here – yay!


Playtime suddenly takes a turn for the worse. A look of sheer panic on the left because she knew what was coming on the right. Look at those spread toes!! Aaaawwwwweeee


I want to think she looks happy here but I’m sure she’s just hoping to make it out alive. Sorry Ella – no more ocean for you.


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Grace - POOR ELLA! Those shots of her in the water are SO FUNNY THOUGH.

Candace - Beautiful photos! That’s the exact way I felt about Destin the first…and only…time I’ve been there. It’s absolute paradise! The white sand and blue green water makes for great color against Ella!

Jill - She’s the cutest! And that water looks so warm 🙂

Tish Mackay - There is nothing better than beach pics with dogs. Looks like such a fun vacation. 🙂

johnwaire | photo - looks like you’ve started a new family tradition 🙂

alisa - i love these…she looks so happy!come back anytime Ella!

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