It’s ok to act like an ass every now and then } Austin, TX pet photographer

Yes, this post is about donkeys. Yes, I am going to take every chance I can get to say “ass” in this blog post… ha! There are several things I learned while on this shoot. A) Donkeys don’t pose. Really! They either are right in your face or ignoring you. B) Donkeys like to nudge you and will take a nibble of your clothing if you aren’t paying attention. C) Donkeys don’t mess around when it comes to feeding time – they can kick some serious ass. D) Last but not certainly not least, good luck photographing donkeys – you’ll be the one making an ass of yourself. It’s true, photographing a donkey is hard work. You can’t squeak a toy at them, you can’t use any weird sounds (unless you want to get bit or kicked) and if you tempt them with food they will probably knock you over or nibble your camera right out of your hand. Nonetheless, I had a good time with these 4 little furry gals and managed to get a few sweet pix too. Say hello to Nina, Emmy, Libby and Rosie….. heeeeehaaaawwww!!






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Inklis - Squeeeeeee! *love*

Erica - OMG I LOVE THESE!!! I love donkeys and their do-what-they-want attitudes. You’ve done a remarkable job! I ADORE that first one. sigh.

Jill Beninato - so much personality in these shots…beautifully done.

leesia - these ROCK! you never cease to amaze. that first one is perfect, and the first ear shot is terrific. love it!

Suzanne - I love the picture with the 4 of them…they’re so cute!

Claire - nicole these are wonderful! i LOVE donkeys/mules anyhow, but you did an amazing job capturing them.

Candace - Wow, absolutely LOVE the first photo. A.Mazing.

Nicole - This is awesome! How ever did you get such a session booked?! I love love love your b/w conversion on the top photo. Rock on, asses!

johnwaire | photo - just for bringing the word ASS into the mix…you get extra credit. these photos kick ass. you may have just carved out your own niche in ass photography — ewh! add that to your key words and see what kind of traffic you generate 🙂

Susan - Great pics, Nicole! I love the first one with all their noses poking out at you. 🙂

amanda - those are awesome!!

sarah - these are SO great! love love love it 🙂

Grace - O M G. These made me crack up. They’re amazing!

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