Hey Joker – the jokes on us!! } Austin, Texas Pet Photographer

Here’s the story on Joker. A previous client of mine told me that she loved her photo book SO much that she wanted to have a book made for her brother. The photo book would be of his dog, Joker. The only catch was that she wanted this all to be a surprise. So, she waited and planned for the perfect opportunity. Her brother was going to be out of town so she knew this was our only chance. She knew Joker would be home because they hired a house-sitter to take care of everything while they were away… including Joker. So, we show up at Joker’s house and Joker doesn’t seem to be around – which was odd to my client. A moment of panic set in as we thought about the possibility of a last minute boarding decision for Joker. Could you imagine? After a few brief moments of disbelief… Joker comes prancing along. It’s kind of funny, because Joker really had no idea what was going on. You could tell that he was like, “Hey… who are you? Did you bring my parents?” Joker was a really sweet, loving and calm boy. He had the most expressive eyes and he gave me tons of different looks with just a flash of those big brown sparkleys. Thanks Joker for playing along with us and helping make your Dad’s birthday a very special one.

PS – I heard that Joker’s dad was very surprised by the book and he’s not the kind of guy to get all “gushy” about anything but he really really “loved” it. YAY!!


Joker showed us his favorite cool spot under the patio bench.


You can tilt your head at me all day!


Oh Joker… you crack yourself up – don’t you?



sweet sweet boy!


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claire - love the border collie 🙂
you rocked this!

johnwaire | photo - i love the ‘…you crack yourself up…’ series 🙂 joker looks like the sweetest dog in the world. GREAT session as always nicole.

nick - With so many pics to choose hope they ordered a 50 page book haha 😀 Very expressive guy indeed!

Grace - They are ALL amazing but I think my fave is the one of him in front of the door with that sweet expression on his face. The book will be amazing.

leesia - what a gorgeous boy!! i can’t choose a favorite, there are so many amazing ones. i LOVE the vertical one with his eyes closed, laughing. great session, nicole!

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