Find your forever furry friend at the Central Texas SPCA

The Central Texas SPCA has some fabulous dogs and cats that are looking for their forever homes. The CTSPCA is a no-kill shelter in Leander (only about 20 min from Austin) that dedicates itself to providing a comfortable environment where pets can receive medical attention, training and care. I have been photographing the adoptable pets at the shelter for a little over a year now. I think it’s important to provide a high quality portrait for these pets since many people view them on-line before coming to the shelter. The following pets are some (not all) of the wonderful pets that you can find at the CTSPCA – click here to see their detailed profiles. Please give these lovely fur babies a chance to melt your heart. Thank you!!

First up – Lurch (left) and Eddie (right). I am a real sucker for wirey haired dogs. Lurch is a real charmer and Eddie is very smart.


Bandito (left) and Timmy (right). Bandito is a very well-mannered sweet boy and Timmy is a handsome scruffy fella.


Tigress (left) and Tyler (right). Tigress is such a sweet girl and Tyler is a fun loving boy.


Hansel (left) and Tiny (right). Hansel wants to be your playmate and Tiny is an independent little man.


Baxter (left) and Weezer (right). Baxter is waiting to make you smile and Weezer would love to play ball with you.


Stringer (left) and Payton (right). Stringer enjoys lots of head/belly rubs and Payton will help you get some much needed exercise.


Kickapoo (left) and Punkin (right). Kickapoo loves your affection and Punkin will have you laughing like crazy.


Oryo (left) and Rigby (right). Oryo wants to be your running mate and Rigby is too cute for words.


Baloo (left) and Cagle (right). Baloo is a gentle giant and Cagle is a happy smiling girl.


Princess (left) and Delia (right). Princess will melt your heart and Delia will be your cuddly love buddy.


The Central Texas SPCA has reduced adoption fees for kittens to just $49 and adult cats to just $29 (through at least July)

Amos (left) and Shelley (right). Amos is looking for that special someone and Shelley will meow you a song.


Henry (left) and Raven (right). Henry is a handsome boy and Raven will knead her way to China.


Houdini (left) and Emily (right). Houdini likes to play and Emily loves to pose like a pretty princess.


Newton (left) and Toribelle (right). Newton is a fun loving little guy and Toribelle is a precious angel.


Dallas (left) and Chardonnay (right). Dallas is an outgoing charmer and Chardonnay has a lovely delicate face.


Zinfandel (left) and Purrsilla (right). Zinfandel has lovely soft green eyes and Purrsilla will lovingly adore you all day long.


Oreo (left) and Arabella (right). Oreo is a looker and Arabella will delicately paw you night and day.


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Kristi Wright - Those are the cutest animals ever. I love Oryo. Great job capturing their personalities.

Suzanne - By the pictures they sure don’t look like displaced little guys. They all look so eager to be in the photos….makes my heart melt!

nicole - WOW – Thank you everyone for all of the comments on this post. Jeanette – the pleasure is all mine!

Rachel - Great pictures. Looks like they have a lot of amazing animals there.

Jeanette Cacciola - Thanks Nicole. You’re such a blessing to the shelter and the fur babies! (You even made Amos look slim!)

Bev - Nicole
These are beautiful. You need to do a fund-raising calendar. Gorgeous..

Jill - I love scruffy dogs too! You did a really beautiful job with the photos

Jules - They are all beautiful!! So many sweet faces . . .I’d love to take them all home 🙂

Grace - They are all amazing and I want them all! The photos of Tigress and Oryo are my favorites. Awesome light.

johnwaire | photo - weezer…i wish i could take you in.

Amy - Wow, if I were someone looking for a pet to adopt and saw these pictures I would want them all! Lovely pictures, capturing their personalities purrrfectly!

kay - Yeah, I want em all! My heart is bigger than my house and my wallet but they would ALLLLLL get lots of love!

*heavy sigh*

whats wrong with people?

rich - Can I have ALL of them!?!?

Judy - Awww, those first two, I love scruffy dogs!

Jamie - oh my gosh these are sooo cute! I think lurch and eddie are my favorites, lol

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