One sweet family } Austin, TX pet photographer

For those of you in Austin, you all probably know the awesome publication Austin Pets Directory. Liz Parker, who created and runs Austin Pets Directory, had me over to take some pictures of her lovely family. I had a fabulous time hanging out with some of the sweetest pups ever. Three of the pups (Aiden, Abraham and Lillian – of the Shih Tzu variety) were rescued from Wee Rescue, a local rescue group that specializes in helping wee  pups find good homes. One dear pup (Priscilla – lab mix) has been in Liz’s life for a very long time. So… without further ado – here is one sweet family for your viewing pleasure:


looks like trouble… ha



Sweet Priscilla


Priscilla’s mommy loves her very very much


Aiden may only have one eye but he’s got that one eye on his Piggy. Aiden loves his Piggy – LOVES IT!


Aiden has the most adorable tongue – look… it’s saying “hi!”


Abraham enjoys long luscious locks of lovely hair… say that five times fast


Lillian has the best under bite and of course the cutest pom poms


Aiden will say goodbye as you leave in his own personal leather chair


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Erica - FAB!! Lillian looks like the little worm in Labryinth (my favorite movie) that lives in the wall when Sarah first enters the maze. hee hee!!!

Ashley Johnson - I love one-eyed dogs. There is something really special about them.

Grace - Yes my dear, you rocked this. The light is amazing. I have such a soft spot for dogs with their little tongues peeping out. Great photoshoot.

johnwaire | photo - i say this a lot…but you ROCKED it! great job nicole.

Jill - LOVE these! great side lighting! the dogs look like sweeties…

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