Can dogs fly?? } Austin, Texas Dog Photographer

This session seriously exceeded my expectations for awesomeness. It’s not every day that you get to see a Viszla raised in the air – poised like a sphinx (just wait and see below). Oh and then there’s the Kong Tire obsessed Chihuahua who has the cutest smile I have ever seen. Then… if that’s not enough, you have a super duper gorgeous family that just oooozes loveliness. Thanks for letting me catch a glimpse of your super sweet life.

Ripley is one good looking Viszla


Vixen and her Tire are never far apart. “Hey you! Want to play with me?”


Somebody REALLY loves their daddy


Vixen with her beautiful mama



Probably one of my favorite family photos to date


Yes, you two are plain old adorable


This was happening on the bed right as I turned my back to walk out of the room. I SEE YOU!!!


You know I saved the BEST for last…


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Erica - You plain rock! These are the dog bomb! I love them all !

Rachel - What an adorable family. They seem to really love their dogs.

Mia - I just love these pictures. You’re right…that last shot is the best!

Fenne - fun!

Dogadillo - Those photos are great. Vixen and Ripley are very sweet dogs.

Claire - i’m IN LOVE with that last shot! so funny! my dad used to do that with us when we were kids. the whole shoot is fab; great work!

Jill Beninato - That shot of Ripley doing the wonder dog move is awesome…so are the rest of course!

Nicole - What an amazing session!!! Seriously in love with this family, and with the light on the bed shots! Holy moly, wow!

Simon - Nice! Tongue and toenail shot is my fav, but Ripley is soooo photogenic. Top marks for originality, these are beautiful and hilarious.

Stephanie - Oh my gosh.Beautiful! Favs are Ripley flying superman style, Ripley next to parents feet and Vixen in between the feet….I think I have a thing for feet and dogs 🙂

Stacey - Oh. My. Gosh. You captured some incredible moments here. I was madly in love with the pink tongue/pink toe nails shot until – you’re right – you saved the best for last! Adorable family!

nick - Lovely session with great dog+ people shots 🙂

Julie Melfi - Beautiful! I love the last shot! Great work!

leesia - these are awesome! love the 8th one down and ripley on the bed with his tongue hanging out.

Jennie Sloan - These are fabulous 🙂

Li - love all these! such happy, funny pooches!

sarah - these are amazing,nicole! great work 🙂

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