Great Dane and two lovely cats } Austin, TX Pet Photographer

When I was contacted to photograph a Great Dane and two cats… I thought this might be an interesting equivilant to my horse and two Chihuahuas session I had last year. Of course I would imagine not all cats are interested in being extra lovely dovey with a gigantic puppy that is like 20 times their size. Such was the case with Nuggit and Yoda, who kept a relatively comfortable distance from the gentle giant, Bentlee. Nuggit, the adorable white male cat was just an amazingly talented cat with piercing green eyes. Yoda, the lovely Ragdoll mix, had the most adorable ear that bent over like a little Scottish Fold… bet that’s mixed in there somewhere. Then there is Bentlee, the baby boy Great Dane, who does not even remotely realize how gigantic and strong he is. I had a great time with all three of them and their momma, Nicole, who was an exceptionally lovely model in all the shots.

Love that adorable bent ear


Nuggit actually pulls himself up to the food bowl when you hold it in the air – like little kitty chin-ups



Bentlee loves his momma and momma loves Bentlee



I adore this shot


Big dog – BIG stick


AND THEN… flying Bentlee… oooooh – look at those ears, teeth and jowells


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illona - this whole shoot is awesome. gorgeous. love the bent ear too … but Bentlee is stunning! great job.

margaret - And I thought only Basset ears had personality. These are so great, especially like Bentlee and momma together. Catchin’ some ear breeze out the car window….they are the best. Can’t stop smiling.

Teresa - That bw image with the football is stellar 🙂

janie - I love the car shots!

Jill Beninato - I can’t even pick which ones I like the best…they are all so wonderful. The one of the dane holding the football is pretty freakin’ amazing though…and those car shots…and those cats eyes…and…..

Emilee - I love Yoda’s foldy ear and blue eyes. Wow! The car shots with Bentlee are awesome! He looks like so much fun!

Erica - OH MY DOG! …and cat! You’ve left me speechless once again. I love, love, love!

claire - such a great shoot!! i love them all–but especially the head out the window shots. those are great!

Jill - those car shots are awesome!

Judy - Stunning photos – those cats have amazing eyes!

nick - I love yoda’s eyes and bentlee is AWESOME 😀

heather - i heart nuggit and yoda. BEAUTIFUL photos!

Grace - These are so freaking awesome. I love every single shot.

leesia - these are gorgeous!!

johnwaire | photo - that football shot is CLASSIC! way to go!

last shot makes me smile — love the angle and the flapping skin 🙂 too cool….

Haley Poulos - LOVE this series! Impressive DOF in the car window shots. Love the cat + mouse, and Bentlee with Mom at the door. 🙂

sarah - nicole these are awesome!!!! 🙂

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