Gabby is an extraordinary Basset Hound } Austin, TX Pet Photographer

Gabby (aka: Gabbsters) is an amazing Basset Hound that has an equally amazing mother. I was commissioned to photograph Gabby last year after her mom realized that Gabby may not have that long to live. She was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and she was very ill at the time. When I met Gabby I knew right away that this lady was something special. When she was rescued by her mother she was already blind, but I can tell you this doesn’t stop Gabby. She knew her way around and had a very keen awareness of everything around her. Fast forward 7 months later and we have a Gabbsters that seems better than ever. I will tell you what the secret is – she has a mother that is extremely devoted to her and loves her so very much. I have seen the tons of medicines administered and I have heard first hand all that Gabby’s mom does on a daily basis. I was so very happy to have the opportunity to come out and give Gabby her very own special private session. The images are going to make a fantastic book that I know Gabby’s mom will cherish forever. Thank you so much for including me in your lives.

Updated on 9/9/10 to add: Gabby passed away today after emergency kidney surgery. RIP sweet Gabby. You are a very special girl and you will be dearly missed.



Gabby has 10lb ears or at least they look like 10lbs… you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!


Gabby went on a little trip during our session, so we could get…


these shots in the gorgeous wildflowers


Taking a rest on the cool floor


Look at what’s under all that skin!


You are a beautiful girl Gabby


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Pat Thomas - Beautiful photos….beautiful tribute. RIP sweet baby. They are just never here long enough.

Nicole Glenn - Ok this is the first blog post EVER to make me cry. It is probably because it sparked memories of caring for my old lab that was 18 years old, AND that I could feel the love and opportunity given to this dog despite having a disability. Beautiful job, I am a new fan of your work! Bless Gabbsters heart. 🙂

Jill Beninato - Those shots in the field of flowers blow me away…I want to go to there….

nick - Awesome portrait session 🙂 They do have a wonderful bond indeed!

claire - i LOVE gabby! she’s beautiful, and her ears are incredible. those wildflower shots are unbelievable, too.

Barbara Reiner - She is so beautiful – you captured her essence.

Emilee - Wow, Nicole, these are beautiful! Gabby looks like a big sweetheart, you captured her so well. You can tell that she is very well taken care of and very much loved. Amazing work! 🙂

Grace - I have no words for how gorgeous these are.

johnwaire | photo - ahhh…look at gabby. you did such a great job nicole. i love the shot of her taking a rest on the floor. kudos!!!

Amy - Okay, this so brought tears to my eyes! So special. This dog is so loved. Amazing!

Haley Poulos - Gosh. Just want you to know that I sent this to everyone I know! Beautiful post, truly.

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