Otis and Emily of Doggie Deli Boutique – Cedar Park, TX

If you have been following this blog long enough you have probably seen Otis and Emily before. Otis and Emily are the adorable dogs of Doggie Deli Boutique in Cedar Park. Otis is the adorable Basset mix and Emily is the cutie patootie Dachshund. Doggie Deli Boutique is a hip little pet boutique that has all kinds of sweet little specialty clothing, treats, beds and other delectable pet goodies. The store owner, Claudia Lang, is about the coolest lady you could ever meet and she has a real knack for finding new and exciting items for her store. Doggie Deli provided all the treats for my booth at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk this Saturday and I can’t thank them enough for their support.

Yes, those are raincoats – CUTE!


Those eyes… That face…



A little diva she is


Uh, yes – the shirt says “Who Farted?” I LOVE IT!


A few shots of the awesome store


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London - My oldest dog Homer has feet exactly like Otis’s!! I call him my ballerina dog haha. These shots are lovely. I’m in class and supposed to be working but i just can’t help it…Your photography is just so captivating!

Erica - I am in love with these photos! I want to sit in the middle of that store and just play with everything (including those ridiculously adorable dogs of course!). Scrumptious!

Claire - nicole, these photos are great!!

Stephanie - Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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