Austin Pets Directory – Mighty Texas Dog Walk 2009

I shot the cover for the April issue of Austin Pets Directory featuring the upcoming 11th Mighty Texas Dog Walk. You may ask yourself what the Scooby Doo gang has to do with the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. Well, Scooby Doo, Shaggy and the rest of the gang are the Grand Marshalls for the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. So, it only made sense to feature them for the story on the walk. Here’s something not very many people may know though… that lovely lady posing as Daphne is none other than Sheri Soltes, Founder and President of Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (she sure makes a great Daphne). Texas Hearing and Service Dogs is a “non-profit that adopts and trains shelter dogs as working partners for individuals living with deafness and mobility related disabilities.” All proceeds from the Mighty Texas Dog Walk go to Texas Hearing and Service Dogs. Sheri started the Mighty Texas Dog Walk over 11 years ago and they have won the Guinness World Record for largest dog walk twice. We’re of course going to try to bring the world record back to Texas – sorry England.

So, everyone with a dog needs to come out on April 11th to participate this year in an awesome cause and of course to win that world record! You can find out all the details about signing up right here. I will be the “official photographer” for the event so I look forward to seeing you there!


Original images – this was SO fun


Who is that loving on Scooby? Oh, that’s Liz Parker – Publisher for Austin Pets Directory


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Grace - That super spooky tree in the corner is a GREAT touch!

Nicole - Grace – the photo gods decided a super windy and overcast day would make for an awesome spooky mystery van shot. I guess I just got lucky.

Rachel - I love these. Scooby was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid and still is now!

Grace - Did you intentionally pick an overcast day to shoot? it looks AMAZING! The colors just pop off the page.

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