Coffee table book – cat photography galore!

I just finished up the most amazing coffee table book for the most amazing family of cats.

The book below features Brutus, Pea Pod, Doogie, Polly, BB Jr. and NuNu.

[issuu documentid=090225002121-35a608356e2a4409b3113d64a56a1eb6 docname=b_huddleston_book username=nicolemlakarphotography loadinginfotext=B.%20Huddleston’s%20coffee%20table%20book width=900 height=600 unit=px]

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Ingrid - I absolutely adore every photo. You’re an inspiration, Nicole!

Nicole - Thank you Jeanette for the lovely comment and for checking out my blog!

Jeanette - I love these photos of R&B’s feline family! Your work is amazing!

Jamie - ow wow, these kitties’ owners are going to freak when they get the book. it’s sooooo good. i want one.

sarah - i can’t believe i didn’t comment on this right away! these photos are so incredible, and the book looks amazing!

Joyce - This is great! I just adore kitties.

Jill Beninato - Damn you’re good.

nicole - Thanks everyone for the awesome comments.

Emilee - The book is gorgeous, Nicole! I love the toe-licking shot! Beautiful cats!

angie w - Beautiful! You put it together so well and the photos are amazing!

jill - beautiful work!

claire - i agree – the presentation of the slideshow is great.
…photos are, of course, wonderful too!

leesia - gorgeous!!

Rachel - These cats are gorgeous and so is the book! Nice job.

nick - A lovely book 🙂 Great job on the photos and layout.

Grace - The photos are amazing and I love the layout!

DVMsWife - OMGoodness! So stinkin’ cute and cool! Love it! I love this slideshow feature you shared. So easy to use. Pictures are beautiful!

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