Betsy and Annie… it’s a beautiful thing } Austin, Texas Dog Photography

I love reading my client’s comments about their pets and what they love about them. I knew by the way Betsy spoke about her dog Annie that there was a very special relationship between the two of them. Annie is a sweet and gentle girl but she has a spirit and life in her that is awesome to behold. After spending some time with Betsy and Annie at home we headed out to an awesome park off Shoal Creek to let Annie feel the wind in her hair… she has such lovely hair. Annie may be an older girl but she has all the youth and energy of a young pup. She was scaling giant rocks like a billy goat and flying into the water like a fish. Thank you Betsy and Annie for letting me take a little peak into your beautiful life.


tummy rub delight!!




I really LOVE this picture – to me this is totally Annie and Betsy


something magical seems to be happening here


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Stephanie - Love!
Especially the belly rub one!

Jill Beninato - Those outdoor shots with the grass are so amazing…the light is magical…love that belly rub shot as well.

Mark - I just love her paws. Nice work, Nicole

Nicole - Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. It really is cool when you all love the same photos that I do. Betsy – I am SO happy that you love the photos… thanks again!

wendy - These are amazing! Each one better than the next. I love the go get it one (pointing hand) oh yeah… the belly rub is a given!

Jill - oooh your pictures are so dreamy! I love the belly rub one 🙂

claire - oooh, that b&w photo (‘something magical’) is amazing!!! what a perfect moment with light and corresponding motion. i love it!

Betsy - Thanks you, Nicole. These are great, and I’m so happy I got to share this experience with you!

Stephen - So many great images here. Great job.

nick - SOunds like someone with loads of energy 😀 ANd yes that belly rub shot is awesome!

Tamandra - Really, really wonderful shots. I also think that running shot is magical. Like you’re witnessing some intimate communication between them. Very cool!

Jamie - wow, what an interesting and unusual dog. your captures of her are just beautiful nicole. the b/w shot of her running toward the water is like something out of a dream or a movie- very fairy-tale-like. it’s really incredible.

Haley Poulos - I loveloveLOVE the belly rub shot. Who says dogs can’t smile?!?!? These are all great!

Grace - Damn these are amazing.

sarah - beautiful! the first shot and the feet shot are my favs 🙂

john waire - great session nicole. love that last shot – seems so epic!

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