Beautiful family } Austin family photographer

This was one of those sessions where everything just fell into place. Beautiful family – check! Awesome weather – check! Lovely home – check! I mean I couldn’t have asked for a more fabulous shoot really. This is truly a fun loving family that has so much spirit and joy. The boys were adorable and I loved watching them play and play and play… so much energy!


Back pack on and ready for adventures


Poor little guy busted his lip right before our shoot. However, mom says this is SO 100% him… rough and tumble.


LOVE this shot!! I mean it just screams cuteness!!


Mom coming to the rescue of those sweet little tears – she found the tiny missing piece to his toy in the grass


This moment is just SO awesome and special



Beautiful family!


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Sean - The photo where he’s found his toy there is amazing, there’s so much emotion in all of these though. Love the DOF in all of these, they’re stunning!

Tamandra - The bag over the head is so priceless! Such great shots. I do enjoy looking at people images that are so candid, like seeing private moments. Gorgeous.

Nicole - Wow – such awesome comments. Thank you everyone for checking out my work (especially all you pet lovers) and leaving some really amazing comments.

Jill Beninato - Love them all….your b/w conversion is so amazing and your bokeh is always so dreamy with a texture to it I can’t put into words…buttery?

Jamie - I also wanted to say how I love that these shots are unscripted, like you really are just documenting what you see, which is so refreshing in the world of “put cute kid in gritty alley, make them do an interesting pose and then bump up the color in photoshop’. Your people photographs are the antithesis of ‘trendy’ and that is what will give them their long term appeal and staying power.

Jamie - super sweet shots! man Nicole, you are just as good at people photography as pet photography. wahooo!

Angie W - You check list is so true! What a great work you did for them!
I love that you find these things to photograph, like a hammock in such unusual way! Love you colors, composition and creativity! True masterpiece for family photography.

Grace - Breathtaking is right. I love that shot of the little boy with the teeny tears on his face. And the one of him playing on the hammock with Daddy. Too good Nicole.

claire - wow, these are all fabulous, but that top photo is absolutely breathtaking.

Becky (rksquared) - Great shots, Nicole! I love how comfortable they all look…like it’s just another day at home. The paper bag is definitely my fave.

Jill - gorgeous shots! beautiful moments captured here!

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