Ella the Wonder Dog!

My lovely little fur baby, Ella, has made an appearance on this blog quite a few times now. I will dedicate this post to telling you, my dear readers, all about this wonderful little dog… I mean love of my life.

It was August 31st, 2002 when my boyfriend, John (now husband), and I went to the Austin SPCA to find what we thought would be a “large scruffy” dog. I always wanted a large dog because I just liked the idea of having something I could wrestle with and hug like a teddy bear. We walked all through the shelter and saw some pretty sweet dogs but none of them really seemed like the “one.” Right as we were heading out John says, “What about this one?” I look in the cage and there is this pitiful looking scruffy black and white dog all curled up in a ball. I can hardly believe I said this then but I mumbled something like, “No, she’s so small and sad looking.”

John saw something in that little sad thing and I knew we had to at least meet her and say, “hi!” So, we end up in the meet and greet room with a dog named “Squirt” and I’m thinking the whole time that there’s no way this is our dog. Right as John sits down in the room “Squirt” leaps into John’s arms and nuzzles her head into his chest… ladies and gentleman it was all over after that. Upon signing the paperwork for “Squirt” we found out that she had been returned to the shelter twice, abandoned at a vet’s office and most likely abused and she was only 11 months old. I immediately gave “Squirt” the name of Ella and quickly found out that night why she was named “Squirt.” She must have been holding her pee for a millennium because she peed a river in our house – and she was supposedly house trained. After finally ridding Ella of her nick-name we then spent many years working on helping her become a wonder dog extraordinaire that fears nothing.

I mean this dog literally blows my mind. She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. She knows all of her toys by name, she knows several key phrases and can literally sense that you may take her for a ride before you actually even give any signals that such a thing might happen. She used to be afraid of anything coming at her head and now she leaps through the sky,  in the most crazy contortionist ways, to catch her frisbees. She loves squirrels and will run straight up a tree if you scratch on the wood and say “SQUIRREL” really crazily. Oh and she still nuzzles her head into our chest and gives us a hug in her own special way. This little girl of mine is almost 8 (sniff, sniff) and she still has the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy. I hope and pray that she gets to live her life so fully each and every day that she graces this earth.

So… here’s to you our dear Ella (aka – Mooshie) and all the amazingness and joy that you bring us day after day.

Notice how the right paw is clenched but she still has nice form


Pay close attention to those little legs in this shot below – uncrossed and then crossed, like a little ballerina.


Wow – I mean she’s got some serious air there.


Our little frisbee dog – go little frisbee girl go


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Jamie - holy cow, ella could seriously give fergie a run for her money. love the action shots here.

nicole - Thanks everyone for your comments – Ella LOVES comments!! You know we always kind of figured that Ella is part Blue Heeler and part Jack Russel… or something like that. I never really thought of Border Collie though. She does love to jump! Maybe one day we will do one of those little DNA tests so we can finally find out – though I am kind of afraid to find out the truth. ha ha

claire - aww, what a sweet story/post!
she’s adorable, and i think that’s a great story. she’s a lucky girl to have found you guys!!

Tamandra - Yep, looks like Border Collie/Cattle Dog to me, too. Love the smart ones! Though I joke that mine can be too smart…or smarter than me sometimes! Love the frisbee shots. She’s adorable!

Jill - Sounds like Ella got the life she deserved. Awesome photos too 🙂

Rachel - Aawwww! It sounds like Ella was just meant to be. That is awesome she knows her toys by their names. I also sniff at the thought of my dog being almost 7, but at least you know Ella is extremely happy every single day of her doggie life.

DVMsWife - She is the coolest dog ever! She looks like a blast to have around! So fun to read about her.

nick - Looks like she found the right people to adopt 😉 I love those crazy Frisbee shots..

Mary - Yeah for rescues! Ella is awesome. She looks like a cattle dog/Border collie mix. Which might send some people to the crazy house, but, to me, seems like some kind of wonderful. Smart, attentive, gorgeous! 🙂 Go, Ella, go! (I love that she knows the names of her toys. I’ve tried to teach my dogs the names of their toys and they just look at me like I’m crazy.)

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