Some of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met…

I had the great pleasure of photographing this lovely family of cats recently. They all got along so very well and lucky for me they were all fantastic little subjects. Their parents had the coolest digs for their cats and I can’t imagine any cat not being in kitty bliss in their home.

These two were best buds for sure


Kitties on a pool table? Yes, please!!


Precious NuNu was a little shy but so very pretty!



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Tamandra - Ooooh that top left kitty is gooorgeous!!!! He looks like a Bengal. Those are some really beautiful shots! Amazing eyes!

Rachel - I love the ones with the pool table. Very cool.

Mark - Wow. Simply, wow. The pool table sequence is worth the price of admission

Erica - Scrumptious!!

Bev - Beautiful images of gorgeous animals. Great job!

Jamie - OMG these are GORGEOUS!! You take the best cat photos of anyone I know Nicole! the color is beautiful, the clarity is superb. They are just stunning. Wow. I wish they were my kitties.

nicole - Thanks everyone for the great comments and feedback. Leesia – I couldn’t believe I got a shot of a group of them either. I was so ecstatic, but they really were pretty easy to photograph. Joyce – it’s always funny asking for a model release of someone’s pets but you never know when they may become “famous!” I’d love to see your cat photos if you get a chance to share them.

Joyce - Beautiful kitties!!! I photographed some cats on Saturday, but they are not model-released. LOL!! At least their new “little sister” is not. : )

leesia - these are all absolutely gorgeous! my favorite is the one in the tree. and i can’t believe you got a group shot of all three!

Judy - Stunning photos!

Jennie - Great cat shots and great lighting as well!

april - Wow. I’ve never seen such amazing cat photos! Really beautiful images!!

Marjerie - !!!W O W!!! These are bar none some of the best pet portraits I have ever seen! You clearly must have a way with animals, how in the world did you get all the cats to stand still and look so amazing? Kudos to you!

Fabrice - Bella, Bella, You are truly top notch!!!

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