A horse and two Chihuahuas walk into a bar…

It could sound like a pretty good joke, right? When I got the call to photograph Rachael, her horse and her two Chihuahuas my mind instantly conjured up some very odd circus like imagery. I really had no idea what was in store. I headed out to Wimberley and when I arrived I was greeted by the cutest little Chihuahua named Vinnie. Off in the distance, I saw Vinnie’s mom with Oliver the horse and upon close inspection Bella (the other Chihuahua) was trailing close behind. I was amazed by how comfortable Oliver was around Vinnie and Bella. They would follow their mom everywhere and if mom was on Oliver then Bella and Vinnie were right there following along by Oliver’s feet. It was just an awesome shoot.

PS – I hope everyone had a great new years eve and are looking forward to an awesome new year… I know I am!!

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Andrea Blair - Oh wow YES…the horse and the dogs blend so well together 🙂

nicole - I’m so glad that everyone loved these as much as I do. I’m pretty sure these are my favorites of 2008.

Tamandra - Daaaang!! Oh it’s so cool to see some horse photos, and what wonderful relationship shots. These photos are the kind you want to just look at and look at. Awesome work, Nicole!
Blog is looking great, too 🙂

leesia - these are amazing!! still can’t believe the one with the horse AND the chis…and the last one is just beautiful. lovely work!

Jamie - here is what I just said out loud (really!) “woooowww these are awesuummmm” in kind of a growly tone, like i really mean it, and i really do! ‘nicole mlakar- horse, cat and dog photographer extraordinaire”. happy new year nicole!!

Tracy - WOW!
These are great and the one with the horsie AND the pups?!?! Amazing! Those chihuahuas have nerves of steel! I know my littlest dog is afraid the biggest will step on her all the time so I can’t imagine how she’d feel about a HORSE!
; )

Jill - these are soo good. you get better and better.

Grace - Gawd these are all too good. I love the photo of the 2 teeeeeeny dogs walking next to the gigantic horse. Wow.

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