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The most rewarding charitable work I perform is photographing the adoptable dogs at the Central Texas SPCA. All of these little guys and gals deserve every opportunity to be adopted and I don’t want anyone to overlook a possible pet just because they don’t look sweet, friendly or loving. I get so warm and fuzzy inside when I hear that my photos helped draw in visitors to the shelter. Some of my favorite photos from this year are posted below.

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Jeanette - Nicole, everyone at the CTSPCA–2-legged and 4-legged–love you ane your work! You are an angel to our animals. Thank you!

Jessi - HOW CAN I NOT ADOPT THOSE CATS? Purrfect fwends for lil’ Mieke. Except they’ve no doubt been adopted by now, due to your adorable portraits.

Jamie - Ok, the writing of the name on the sidewalk is the cutest thing ever. How can you not want to take each and every one of these guys home with you? I don’t know if I could do it.

Mia - Beautiful shots as always. Keep up the fantastic work.

Wendy - Spectacular shots! Would like to give them all a home. Top one is my fav 😉

Erica - I just LOVE these! That terrier mix second down on the right just makes me squeal and then cry. Who wouldn’t want these guys? Such gorgeous shots of those cattle mixes too!

Tamandra - OK, I’m ending my blurry eyed blog viewing with these. What a bunch of adorable characters! You know how bad I want to kiss that little baby kitten-puss face? Sweet! I love shots of dogs with closed eyes, in a kind of reverie.

Jill - Beautiful work Nicole!

Cara - Fantastic shots! Thanks for your work-if only everyone used their gifts to help others!

Jill Beninato - These are all amazing….what a huge difference it makes in the adoption rate when you can show photos like these…

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