Bob the Boxer

Say, “hello” to Bob the Boxer. The name may be short and sweet but Bob is big on personality. He’s got a grin that just won’t quit and enough energy to power a small town. I had a great time with Bob and I hope he finally got some rest after all the excitement from our session. He was so super excited about the lady with treats and toys that he could barely stand it.

Bob is very loved, especially by his Dad.

Look at that face!

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Jill - I love the post processing here Nicole. I haven’t been to your blog in a while!

Grace - You have to have a heart of stone to resist a boxer named Bob. He’s so freaking cute!

jamie - oh my gosh, the shot in the driveway of bob with the kitchen towel is advertisement-worthy! a shot of a lifetime! LOVE the processing on that one. what did you do? love all of them, fantastic work as always nicole. 🙂

nicole - Yes, how can you resist a Boxer named Bob?

Mark - That first shot just screams Boxerness. How can you not love a boxer named Bob?

teresa - yup, this may just certify how much i really want a boxer!! 🙂

Bethany Hammonds - What a handsome boy! I can’t wait to see all of the proofs. 🙂

Mia - Great series. Bob looks fabulous against the brown background and on the sofa.

Erica - Ah, I love Bob the Boxer!! His face, his eyes…I’m smitten 🙂 These are wonderful, especially the ones with Dad.

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