Bingo’s outnumbered…

Bingo is an adorable Yorkie who shares his home with not one, not two, not three… but four cats. I knew photographing four cats and a dog would be a challenge, but we all took it in stride and had a great time.

First up is Lulu. She was the main catalyst for the session. Lulu’s mom knew that Lulu’s dad loved her very much and that he would love some Lulu images for their Anniversary.

Marmelade, on the left, is in this shot with Lulu. Marmelade is an orange delight.

Next up is Gus, the sleek cutie with the softest white fur.

Oh and Patrick is the sweet pea of the bunch.

Last but certainly not least is Bingo. This little guy had his feline sisters and brothers in check.

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nicole - Thank you for all the awesome comments.

Mia - Bingo on the sofa arm is a classic shot. Love it.

Social Networking for Pets - cant compare them, They all are the best. cute.

nick - Always a challenge with multi animal households but looks like it was a fun session 😀

Tracy - These are gorgeous!
Love Bingo! Our yorkie keeps the cat (and the other dogs too but mostly the cat) in check as well! : )

Jill - These are just beautiful! I LOVE the first one!

Jill Beninato - All of these are beautiful Nicole…I love the dog bone tag Bingo is wearing….

Grace - Nicole these are amazing. My favorite is the one of Patrick. And the last one 🙂

Erica - I adore Lulu’s delectable little nose and Gus’ wonderful green eyes. Patrick is to die for, Marmelade is scrumptious and the way you highlight Bingo’s haircut- hee hee!- with the sofa lines is lovely! You captured them all beautifully.

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